Edina Realty Releases New iPad App

Edina Realty released a new iPad application developed by Mobile Realty Apps that features an improved design, enhanced map search and larger, high-resolution photos with custom navigation not seen in other real estate apps.
鈥淭ech experts predict mobile Internet use will bypass desktop Internet use by as soon as 2015,鈥 says Bob Peltier, president and CEO of Edina Realty Home Services. 鈥淲e are always reviewing online tools and mobile applications to ensure that we鈥檙e not just keeping up; we鈥檙e staying ahead of the marketplace.鈥 In 2012, visits to Edina Realty鈥檚 mobile applications and mobile website made up 23 percent of all of the company鈥檚 online visits.
Peltier says the new app is getting rave reviews from users because of its ease of use and popular features. The new iPad gives users access to all real estate property listings from Edina Realty and all other real estate firms that list properties for sale on one of several MLS庐 boards. One sample comment: 鈥淎wesome app! The map feature is really helpful, and makes sifting through lists feel much less overwhelming. Definitely recommend downloading!鈥
When the Edina Realty iPad app launches, properties for sale near the potential homebuyer鈥檚 current location show up on an aerial view map; intuitive icons define the current status of the property, such as new, open and price reduced. Users can search for homes by price, city, zip code, MLS number or other criteria they care about. They can even compare kitchens, bathrooms, or exterior views of properties by swiping the photo galleries from the gallery view to compare photos from different properties side by side.
If they see a property they like while driving, a user can simply pull over and tap on 鈥淗ome Scan鈥 to get all the detailed information on that listing. Home Scan uses the iPad鈥檚 GPS to overlay property information onto the live camera feed. Point the iPad in any direction, and properties for sale appear in the foreground. Users need only tap the screen for listing information.
Peltier says that Edina Realty is planning to launch new iPhone and Android apps as well as agent-branded mobile apps in the next couple of months.
For more information, visit www.edinarealty.com.


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