Preparing yourself for Task Nexus this June

The gas sector will go through a big update in June.

When will the upgrade happen?
This upgrade called Project Nexus, handled by Ofgem, will be ‘going live’ on the First June 2017.

The shift duration for the upgrade will take place throughout 23rd May to Sixth June 2017, and also will take place across the entire gas sector.

Just how will nexus influence power clients?
As pointed out in our last message, new customers can experience some delay in changing power providers as they would certainly be unable to sign up throughout the upgrade duration.

Why is the main gas system being upgraded?
The out-of-date system hasn’t had a huge upgrade like this given that the late 1990s, so by replacing the old system, the gas industry will certainly see some significant advantages with a rise in the system’s ability to get, store and also provide information, perfect for sustaining the rollout of wise meters.

What is altering? Independent Gas Transporters
Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) of any size will be able to shop and transfer details making use of the Xoserve main IT system, allowing distributors to gain access to relevant IGT information promptly and successfully.

Formula year Annual Quantity as well as Supply Offtake Amount (AQ/SOQ).
Changing the existing October cycle, the Formula AQ/SOQ will be taken care of from April 1st to March 31st each year to drop in line with the changes to IGTs. These will certainly be made use of to determine transport charges (with a lot of situations being based on the Rolling Annual Quantity and Supply Offtake Quantity from December 1st the previous year).

Rolling Annual Amount (AQ) and Supply Offtake Amount.
With the new system upgrade, Xoserve will certainly have the ability to supply more accurate figures for consumption as well as offer a brand-new moving yearly quantity computation each month (based upon a meter reading being given each month and also dependent on settlement course).

Meter Settlement Classes.
There will be 4 negotiation courses, allowing accuracy to be improved in a reliable means. Consisting of adjustments to existing meters, the courses will be structured as follows:.

Negotiation Class.

1Meter factors with a rolling AQ of over 58,600,000 kWh.
1Readings must be provided to Xoserve by 11am of adhering to day of gas intake.
2, 3, 4Meter factors with a rolling AQ of under 58,600,000 kWh.
2Readings have to be supplied to Xoserve within 1 Day of adhering to day of gas intake.
3Readings need to be offered to Xoserve daily but could be grouped with each other and also provided weekly/fortnightly/monthly.
4Readings should be supplied to Xoserve monthly or annually (dependant on size of AQ).

Unidentified Gas Charge Removed.
Unknown gas (UIG) will certainly currently be determined in a different way to permit a boost in accuracy in estimations.

A share of unidentified gas will be assigned in between courses for distribution zones as well as carriers, changing the old AQ allotment of Unidentified Gas cost( AUG).

To learn more regarding Task Nexus, check out the Ofgem web site, or you can call BAS Energy on 0845 1800 700 or send us a message for additional information regarding our gas purchase solutions.

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